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New Circus Children’s Book About Historic Australian Performer May Wirth–Interview with the Author

It is a precious opportunity to learn about and from circus from folks who have traveled with and performed in tent shows. Australian circus artist, mother and author, Simi Genziuk, is but one of those treasured gems and I got to interview her about her children’s book,“So She Did: The Story of May Wirth”, published by Affirm Press.  Her responses follow:
Please tell us about yourself. The author Simi Genziuk I am a circus performer and emerging writer based in Byron Bay, Australia. I began training solo swinging trapeze with the trapeze master, Rodleigh Stevens in the early 2000’s. I became quickly and totally obsessed. I made a livi...
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Johanna Vargas

Johanna Vargas is a body worker and artist based in Chicago. She began studying circus arts recreationally in 2010, graduating from Aloft's first full-time program in 2014, and has been teaching body maintenance to subsequent full-timers ever since.