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New Documentary Follows the Journey of Tilde Björfors of Cirkus Cirkör

You can be good at jumping from high altitudes but terrified to say “I love you.” What would the world look like if we didn’t let fear stop us? What would the world look like if we stopped taking risks altogether? These questions are posed by Helgi Felixson (Producer) and Titti Johnson (Director, Co-Producer) as they follow Tilde Björfors and Cirkus Cirkör like a fly on the wall for six years. It is a deep dive and sneak peek for viewers into the life of a contemporary circus company from the rehearsal process to the curtain calls.

THE CIRCUS DIRECTOR is a character-driven documentary centering on Tilde Björfors, artistic leader and founder of Circus Cirkör, with a strong visual narration through Cirkus Cirkör’s performances, famous for their stunning staging, surprising execution and distinct style and artistry.

The documentary goes deep into the existential questions that Björfors’ artistic career has embraced: facing her fears and throwing herself into the unknown while bringing contemporary circus to Sweden twenty years ago and building one of the world’s most successful contemporary circus companies.

Björfors’ journey increases our understanding of circus as an art form, as does her willingness to take risks and to use the medium to transcend borders. The documentary is a testament to how acrobats strive to make the impossible possible even during tough times when you are tempted to give up.

THE CIRCUS DIRECTOR premiered on September 28 at Bíó Paradís in Reykjavik as part of the Reykjavik International Film Festival and Reykjavik Art Festival.


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Photo credit: Mattias Edwall