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New Publication Circus in Dis-Comfort Zones addresses Social Circus Projects with Refugees and Asylum Seekers

In their recent newsletter, The Caravan International Youth and Social Circus Network reported that a new publication about social circus has been released entitled Circus in Dis-Comfort Zones.

This project was organized and created by Cirque du Monde (of Cirque du Soleil) and AltroCirco after a three day international meeting on the topic. The results are an in-depth look at social circus projects that related to refugees, migrants and asylum seekers in various locations of the world. The publication was authored by Ilaria Bessone in collaboration with many social circus practitioners.

It addresses ethical issues around social circus, why social circus is helpful, and how specific programs help citing case studies (by describing Zataari refugee camp in Syria, and the Duhok Refugee Camp in the North Iraq led by Sirkhane Circus, for example.) To its credit, the publication discusses in depth the anti-immigrant sentiment that has been growing around Europe and acknowledges a refugee crisis, even providing a glossary of definitions to help the reader distinguish between terminology like asylum seeker and refugee. Limitiations of the social work, traumas experienced and the importance of including social workers, therapists and community workers is outlined. Most importantly, successful goals and strategies are outlined, making this a valuable resource for any social circus association doing this related and important work.
Image source: Sirkhane Facebook Page