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No Animals, Just Stunts: How I’m Keeping the Circus Alive Through the Pandemic

When I joined the circus as a clown 20 years ago, showmanship was at its peak and thousands would line up to see us dancers, stuntmen, clowns, acrobats, and trapeze artists.

But things changed. And somewhere, between the advent of satellite TV and televisions sets to streaming platforms, our profession died a slow death. The working conditions went from bad to worse. Children have kicked me in my stomach, slapped me and audiences have made faces that scream boredom.

I remember how circus artists would take pride and look forward to making their children carry forward the legacy but now, it’s the opposite. In fact, I too, ensured that my children were educated in good schools, and encouraged to join other professions.

But amidst all the problems, I have never let my smile and enthusiasm disappear. The joy of putting up a funny act and making someone’s day keeps me going and as a unit, we always manage to come up with survival strategies.

But then the lockdown happened, and everything changed. In the last six months, we have not done a single show and have been endlessly waiting for the pandemic to subside so that we can earn again…

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