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No More Animals At Circus Roncalli in 2018

Circus Roncalli, which was founded in Vienna in 1976, has decided to phase out the use of horses in their show. Although they had already removed acts with wild animals back in the 90’s, this year’s Christmas show will be the last time the horses perform with Roncalli.  RP Online spoke with Circus Roncalli officials earlier in the year about the changes. “We decided against having the animals for the benefit of the animals,” said Markus Strobl, media director of Circus Roncalli at that time. “Most of the numbers in the show would already be done by the artists and clowns today anyway.The focus of the Circus Roncalli is on poetic and acrobatic numbers.”

RP Online also notes that the decision to stop using animals all together in the show is also strategic, since the circus likes to play in city centers such as town hall squares where there are not many appropriate accommodations for animals, since suitable pastures for the horses are often found only outside the cities.

To read the original article in German, visit RP Online


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