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Now or Never: Circus Focus

At the 2014 Circa Festival, in Auch, France, the French Institute for Programmers and Cultural Agents brought together 80 people from all over the world for Circus Focus, a meeting designed to introduce professionals to some new French productions. María Folguera shares her experience at the conference.
“Before jumping on the teeterboard I’d like somebody to hug me, as if I were leaving for war,” says Amanda Lund to the expectant audience under the circus tent. The first volunteer comes out and hugs her. Two more people, and then two more, form a collective hug. We all applaud, touched by the delicate moment in the middle of an apparently messy show, made of fanfare and an undeniable sense of party. It’s Maintenant ou jamais (Now or Never) by Cirque Tsuica company. We’re in Circa Festival, Auch, France, a must for anyone looking forward to finding new French circus projects. “Now or Never” is also the slogan of the 2014 edition of this meeting for premieres, circus schools exhibitions, and professionals from all over the world. The local people from Auch share the excitement: hundreds of volunteers get involved, audiences of all ages attend the shows, and the shops in town decorate their windows with circus motifs. ...
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Maria Folguera

Maria has collaborated with the artistic department of Teatro Circo Price since 2009. María graduated from the Royal School of Dramatic Art (RESAD) with a degree in stage management. She then studied literary theory and received a postgraduate degree in performing arts practices from the University of Alcalá de Henares. She has written and directed three plays, as well as some short performance pieces, for her company Ana Pasadena. Her latest show as a director is La increíble historia de la chica que llegó la última (The Incredible Story Of The Girl Who Got Last) by Brazilian playwright Carla Guimaraes. This show was part of the New Plays from Europe Festival (2014) in Wiesbaden, Germany. As a writer, she has appeared recently in two anthologies of new Spanish writers: Última temporada (Last Season, New Spanish Narrators 1980-1989), and Bajo treinta (Below Thirty). Her first published novel, Sin juicio, won the Arte Joven Award in 2001. She published her second novel, Los primeros días de Pompeya», in 2016