Nukkad Nataks: COVID Brings Street Plays from Applause to Pause

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Nukkad Nataks: COVID Brings Street Plays from Applause to Pause

“Every industry has been allowed to open, except for theatre. The government only thinks about theatre artistes during self-promotion at election rallies,” says Sunil Chauhan, Director, Dramaturgy Theatre Group.

The group is currently fine-tuning five theatre plays as they are yet to get permission to perform what they are originally famous for – nukkad nataks (street theatre). “We did our last street play before the second wave on the importance of using masks and sanitisers,” adds Chauhan, a theatre professional since 12 years.

Praveen Arya, Director of Awaaz – The Nukkad Natak Group, says things got so bad in the pandemic that he ventured into brokerage to find tenants for landlords. “At present, we are booked for the UP, Bihar, and Uttarakhand elections, and some private promotion projects. We plan to make more use of music in our nataks as it attracts people. But there is still no work in Delhi,” adds Arya.

Meanwhile, the Delhi government has selected 450 street artistes and arranged them in 45 teams to conduct street plays to promote awareness on vaccination and COVID-appropriate behaviour every week. The good part is that all the artistes get paid for their efforts…

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