Omnium Circus Brings Diversity to the Forefront--1st Online Spectacle on December 12th

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Omnium Circus Brings Diversity to the Forefront–1st Online Spectacle on December 12th

In an age when most circuses are folding up their tents, a new circus is emerging to fill the gulf in the United States. Omnium Circus is getting its start in an odd way, online–at an odd time– during the height of a pandemic. But who can blame them really? It is a time in the United States devoid of fun for many, and short on inclusion for even more, and Omnium hopes to bring all of that back into fashion with the magic of circus. The show will debut on December 12th online. Lisa B. Lewis describes this circus with all of the vigor of a ringmaster,  “A bold new circus rises from the pandemic as a fresh idea whose time is now! A celebration of uniqueness, strength, spirit, diversity and talent including full access, both in and out of the ring. Circus reimagined!” When I asked Lewis if the style of circus would be traditional or contemporary, she said “You guys figure out the label…. My goal is to create the best show possible with the circumstances we have.” 
Behind this circus is an experienced team of people who have worked with the biggest and best companies in the United States over the past few decades, starting with Lisa B. Lewis whose background is with Big Apple Circus. She started as a clown in their hospital program, but her sunny personality soon opened up other doors for her with the company. She soon began to volunteer with Circus For the Senses (performances specifically adapted for those requiring an access bridge in order to enjoy the show such as sensory modification, audio description or ASL.) “Over time, this mission spoke to me more and more… I became the program coordinator and eventually the direct...
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Kim Campbell

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