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On Racism and Representation

Like many others, Covid19 forced me to retreat into unemployed isolation at home. This period allowed me to reflect on my journey, my experiences, my practice and my values on and offstage. I could finally untangle and put a name on a number of things. These reflections turned into the following piece, that I first shared independently on my personal social media platforms.
. Last Thursday, I was part of the first panel Wake Up Call for Inclusion – Institutional Barriers and Individual Biases in the Performing Arts by CircusTalk, alongside fellow artists of color Johnathan Lee Iverson, Joseph Pinzon, Noeli Acoba and Marco Motta, and it all clicked. I believe times are changing, and that with the rise of more diverse voices and actors in the ...
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Majo Cazares

Majo Cázares was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 1988, to a Mexican father and a Colombian mother. After exploring gymnastics as a child, she trained as both dancer and acrobat in her hometown, Buenos Aires and Bordeaux, until ultimately attending and graduating from the Superior School of Circus Arts (ESAC) in Brussels in 2015. She has performed as a freelance artist across Europe in physical theatre, cabaret, circus and dance. In 2015, she co-founded and served as production manager for circus company Naga Collective, whose show Persona premiered in 2018. She is a resident performer at Cabaret Mademoiselle in Brussels, part of the original cast of show Sombra by GOP Varieté-Theater, and co-founder of hand to hand duo Majo & Erik alongside Swedish performer Erik Glas.