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Opening the Circus Tent– Social Circus Training for Educators for the Inclusion of Minority Groups

Opening the Circus Tent – Social Circus for the Inclusion of Minority Groups is an intensive training program for circus artists, teachers, educators, animators or social operators who wish to use social circus as a tool for the inclusion of minority groups.

I talked to  Rafael Jack Sánchez Mc Guirk from Circo Corsaro at Inspiral, the training space in Budapest that is hosting  the project. Circo Corsaro is in a strategic partnership with the Erasmus + programme for the cooperation and  for innovation and exchange of good practices. Irene Pepe: Can you briefly introduce yourself and your organization? Sánchez Mc Guirk: I am a social educator, and a circus pedagogue, originally from Spain. I have been working in Italy for Circo Corsaro for six years now. ...

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Irene Pepe

Irene Pepe is a photographer and communications manager in love with circus. She currently works as AdSales communications manager for CircusTalk and sometimes as a writer. Originally from Italy, she lived in NYC, Malta, the Netherlands and in some other places in Europe before moving to Budapest, where she is based. Her love for circus started in Turin thanks to the vivid contemporary circus scene of the city, where she also started working as a photographer and communications consultant for circus companies.