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ORACLE – The Myth Comes to Sydney Opera House

“Artists skilled in dance, song, circus arts, and burlesque left the audience mesmerised”

“Through its captivating blend of circus, dance, and burlesque, expect to be transfixed by Oracle and its array of incredible performers”

From the creative team behind the award-winning Matador comes their latest fusion of circus, burlesque, dance and contemporary storytelling, ORACLE. And it is a show for the Gods! Following a sold out tour to Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, ORACLE comes to the Sydney Opera House in August for a limited season.

Since the beginning of time, humankind, gods and goddesses alike, have all looked to the stars in an attempt to draw meaning from the Universe. In doing so, prophecies and myths have been told, tales of monsters, mermaids and other mythical creatures, of powerful goddesses and vengeful gods, of heroes and beautiful maidens. Tales of a decadent time, of love and lust, of bravery and sacrifice. Tales and legends that birthed the star constellations of the Zodiac signs we know today. ..Link to full length article at Aussie Theater.

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