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‘Our Mission is to Ask What’s Possible’: Acrobats Reach New Heights at Sydney Festival

They’ve had to jump through hoops to get here but, after flight cancellations and border closures, Circa Contemporary Circus has made it to Sydney for the world premiere of Humans 2.0. The show explores artistic director Yaron Lifschitz’s deep fascination with how acrobatics works.

“If you think about acrobatics as an abstract form it’s very stiff. It’s very biomechanically efficient,” Lifschitz says. “I wanted to get in touch with things like breath and gravity and movement, getting into and out of skills which flow and groove. Human-ness, if that makes sense.”

Humans 2.0 is the next iteration of Circa’s smash hit 2017 work, Humans. It takes the raw and gripping acrobatic material of Humansand puts it with an original score by DJ composer Ori Lichtik, lighting by Paul Jackson and new set, created by Lifschitz…

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