Overcoming Stage Fright

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Overcoming Stage Fright

Even veteran performers can find themselves feeling paralyzed when it comes time to face the audience. German juggler and meditation coach Lena Köhn offers fellow artists a four-pronged approach to take the reins back from their stage fright and tackle fear from every angle.
Stage fright can be so frustrating. Some artists spend years and years of practice perfecting their skills. They put all their heartfelt passion into their creations—but when it is finally time to shine and share their talent with the audience, some strange force takes over and makes them lose all of that competence. And what ought to be a joyful experience—something that they worked really hard to achieve— turns into a moment of fear and failure. These situations can seriously impact an artist’s confidence and joy and hinder the expression of their innermost essence and sharing their special gift with the world. Have you ever encountered that paralyzing fear of public speaking or performing? That sense that there is a sudden shift happening within you at the moment when all the attention is on you—and suddenly, you start feeling shaky and stiff when you know that NOW is when it counts? Are you curious to understand this phenomenon? ...
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Lena Köhn

Lena Koehn is a juggling artist and coach from Berlin, Germany. A graduate of the Stockholm Circus School, she is renowned for her innovative, grace-meets-musicality performance style and contributions to the art of diabolo, being one of the very few women to master this discipline. Since 2016, she has also been intensively involved with hat juggling, creating an act that premiered in December 2019. In 2017, she experienced a major shift that gave birth to her second passion: meditation, transformation, and subsequently, sharing this knowledge as a coach with fellow artists.