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Performing Acrobatics: the Nepali Circus That is Fighting the Slave Traders

She is suspended 15 feet above the ground, using only fabric to swing, suspend, spiral and wrap her body in and out of various positions. There is no safety net.

Nearby, another young woman seemingly-effortlessly swings three glittering hoops around her hips, another around her knees, and, as she holds her arm aloft, another around her right wrist. She’s perfectly in rhythm to the quick beat of the Nepali music.

On the other side of the warehouse, a human pyramid is being set up and one acrobat will perfect a handstand at the summit.

Like most troupes, it’s a case of ‘practise, practise, practise’ for Circus Kathmandu.

But this is not like any other circus.

Although many of these performers have been involved in circuses since they were children, it is only recently that they had a choice over whether or not to practice, a choice over whether or not to perform, a choice over whether or not they could walk away.

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