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Physical Theater Festival Chicago Opens Up to Circus Programming in 2019

It will be the 6th year for Physical Theater Festival Chicago (May 31st–June 8th, 2019), and as in previous years, they are bringing acclaimed international shows to the Chicago stage, but this year there is a twist–they are beginning to feature circus as well. This is perhaps a natural progression, as contemporary circus is indeed a form of physical theater, and the demise of the Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival in 2016 left a gaping hole in the international touring route for many circus companies looking to engage with midwest festival audiences. We had a chance to speak with co-founders Alice da Cunha and Marc Frost, but first, the line-up:
The Lineup This year’s mix of shows is a diverse blend of the best of international physical theater. The shows with the most circus elements are: Helga  by Kallo Collective (Finland)–explores the life of a diva extraordinaire told using mime, clowning and circus skills, A Life With No Limits  by Aura CuriAtlas (USA)–inspired by the work of astrophysicist Stephen Hawking told through dance, theatre, and acrobatics, and  Eventide by 3AM Theatre (USA)– a multidisciplinary show by juggler Kyle Driggs and dancer Andrea Murillo that meld expressive movement, object manipulation and surreal setting to expose the challenges we face in romantic relationships and relationships with ourselves. Other programming includes: Next Door by Out of Balanz (Denmark, Finland)–blends storytelling and ph...
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Kim Campbell

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