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Play-Along Plink and Boo Review – Circus Duo Upend Gender Bias

Taking children to the theatre always feels like an adventure. How can you create that spirit and excitement for lockdown audiences stuck at home watching on a mobile? The company Can’t Sit Still have cleverly adapted one of their past productions, turning it into more than just a film of a stage show and adding a handful of activities to keep young ones busy before they even start watching.

I round up seven-year-old Hilda, and 10-year-old Aggie humours us by joining in, though it’s really designed for those aged two to seven. We’re asked to make confetti and print some colouring sheets from the company’s website, including a tiara to be drawn in pink, a car to turn blue and a ticket that Aggie, still in Halloween mood, makes blood red. Next, we build a den in which to watch the show, guided by Can’t Sit Still’s how-to video, which is presented – genius idea, this – not by a grownup but a friendly five-year-old, Thea. We drape blankets around the bunk bed, collect our box of confetti, printouts and some brightly coloured objects we’ve been instructed to gather, then crawl in to watch the show on my phone…

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