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Please Stop Misusing the Word “Clown”

David Konyot, renowned circus clown, explains how the misuse of the terms clown and circus to make negative connotations about society and politics is insulting to the circus community and he is speaking up about it, appearing in interviews around Europe and Australia on this subject which is very important to him and his generations old circus family,“I have unwittingly started a campaign against the media misuse of the words ‘Circus’ & ‘Clowns’ in a derogatory manner when talking about politics or parliament. Here is the link to the original letter I sent to the Guardian. I used  #circustoo to focus on the campaign and for anyone who wants to get involved. Basically if any artist reads or hears of the press or media using those terms in any other context than to do with circus or clowns then they should contact the appropriate media and  declare their opposition and say how it is offensive to our circus culture.”

With regard to your recent article and headline (Our elders are supposed to be older and wiser. But not these Brexit clowns,, 21 December), I am a prize-winning international musical clown, part of an honourable profession, and am deeply offended by the misuse and misrepresentation of “clown” in connection with parliamentary or other forms of chaotic behaviour…

Link to the Full Article at The Guardian



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