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Press Release–The Actors Gymnasium Adds Clown Concentration to Professional Circus Training Program

The Actors Gymnasium is expanding its nine-month Professional Circus Training Program to include a new concentration in clown, giving actors the opportunity to deepen their skill set through intensive training in physical theatre.

The curriculum will be partner-based and draw from techniques across a wide range of disciplines including physical comedy, devising, object manipulation, ensemble theatre-making, circus arts, Meisner technique, and more. It will feature regular performance labs to help physical performers increase their confidence onstage.

Sylvia Hernandez-DiStasi, Artistic Director says,“Clowning pushes you out of your comfort zone as a performer and shows you how to make bigger and bolder choices. Having spent a lifetime in the circus, it’s become clear to me that many of the most versatile and successful performers have a background in clown. It’s time for Actors Gym to stretch further in this direction and add even more skills to our students’ tool kit.”