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RIP–Rob Torres, International Man of Mirth

I saw him perform at the New York Clown Festival, with Big Apple a couple of times, and a few times as part of the Bindlestiff Revues and NY Downtown Clown Revue. Rob was a graduate of Ringling Brothers Clown College, studied with Sigfrido Aguilar in Mexico, and worked all over the place. He had performed in over 60 countries according to his website, and with a number of prestigious organizations. He also performed on the street, on cruise ships, and just about anywhere there was an audience.

His clown was an innocent with a tiny mischievous grin, a sort of Mr. Bean minus the malicious parts. Things for Rob would always go wrong, yet somehow he managed to go with the flow and allow everything to work out. He won the audience over with his cleverness, but also with his heart. What I always loved about his work was his innocence, and his simplicity. Not simple as in easy, but simple as in he was constantly refining his work and making it easier and easier to understand. His desires were clear, and each time I saw him perform, I saw him take the audience on his journey, and make them laugh while he was doing it….

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Feature photo by Gayla Feierman

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