ROUNDUP: Circus Bodies with Madeline Hoak

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ROUNDUP: Circus Bodies with Madeline Hoak

Happy Halloween to all you lovely CircusTalk members! This week, we invite you to revisit Madeline Hoak’s amazing series, Circus Bodies.

Circus Bodies is rooted in the understanding that circus bodies, as performing bodies, are important producers of culture and vital elements of the artistic process. They supply us with new knowledge by shifting perceptions and pushing against norms. Curated by Madeline Hoak, this Original Series will explore and invite conversation about aging, fat, gendered, disabled, and BIPOC/BAME circus bodies. It will also cover sideshow circus bodies and artists who use their bodies for extreme circus acts.

Madeline Hoak is an NYC-based performer, producer, professor, and choreographer specializing in aerial, acrobatics, dance, and movement direction.

To view all the episodes in this series, click on the image below:


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