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Saving the Circus

Covid-19 dealt a death blow to Rambo Circus, one of India’s most popular circus companies. Then, live streaming came to its rescue.

Dressed in a red polka-dotted jumpsuit, with gaudy makeup and streaks of white paint on his face, 51-year-old Biju Pushkaran begins the show. This is not a usual affair for him. Pushkaran, the head clown, has been working at the Rambo Circus for more than two decades but this is the only time he’s speaking to the camera. The circus hasn’t had a single show since March due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The lockdown that followed affected more than 100 artists.

After suffering for months together with barely enough for sustenance, Rambo Circus—one of the biggest and oldest in the country—decided to go online in September, and came to television and mobile phones via an app. The 50-minute online show, titled ‘Life is a Circus’, was about displaying the skills of the artists and a means of providing them livelihood, as the pandemic killed live shows…

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