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Shenea Stiletto’s Circus Lifestyle “Live Like An Acrobat Podcast” Has Revolutionized the Circus Industry

“Black Circus Lives Matter”, #METOO In Circus;” As an African American woman, World Renowned Circus artist, former Two-Time World Acrobaticgymnastics Champion, both episodes hosted by Shenea Stiletto were very personal. She revealed, for the first time, the disparity and assault culture that is mostly unknown to the general population who love circus companies like The Cirque Du Soleil. Having worked for the top circus companies for decades, Shenea Stiletto experienced an obvious lack of inclusion and equity in an environment that, in her opinion, is anarchical, existing in a “parallel universe” with very few regulations or oversight. She was frequently overlooked or excluded, despite having received international adulation and made outstanding achievements as, what she calls, a Circuspreneur.

As a Survivor of USA gymnastics, she is currently fighting the Olympic giant in bankruptcy court. Through her “Live Like and Acrobat Podcast” Shenea Stiletto reveals the similarities between the circus environment and the gymnastics environment and strives, through her numerous media projects, to bring light to the humanity of those that work and compete in these systems. “It’s really not even about making it into the top one percent; even those with a lot of clout within the circus industry lose out horribly” she explained. “And we saw during the pandemic that as a circus industry that brings in billions for the entertainment industry at large, that we for the most part are left high and dry…”

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