Sidestep into Street Theater and Take Control of Your Entertainment Career

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Sidestep into Street Theater and Take Control of Your Entertainment Career

Since the pandemic began, the entertainment industry has been thrown into chaos. Every performer on the planet has been forced out of their shows, their livelihoods, and in most cases, their life’s work. For the time being, a live audience is non-existent. For a performer, our shows are where we feel at home, and we are all now, in a sense, homeless. Like everyone else, my career as a live performer stopped on March 14th.
As the weeks turned into months, I started to doubt my own existence and self-worth. This led me to ask the question, If I can’t perform my shows anymore, what do I have to contribute to the world? Being a street theater performer, I used to have the ability to go out and perform shows and make a lot of money, pretty much whenever I felt like it. What I do still have is the knowledge of how to go out and make a lot of money performing street theater shows. Boom! There was my revelation. I needed to help performers take control of their entertainment careers, by sharing what I have learned over the years. Just because shows aren’t yet happening in my city, doesn’t mean that performers around the world are not performing or using this time to work on building new skills. ...
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Al Millar

Al Millar is a street performer with 24 years, 38 countries and 22 street performing awards under his belt. He is internationally acclaimed and respected on the street performing and festival busking circuit. Originally hailing from Sydney, Australia, Al now lives and performs out of Boston, USA.