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Simple Nutrition Hacks For Circus Artists

Have you ever had indigestion but had to perform anyway? Do you find your muscles seem to be perpetually sore? Do you want to increase flexibility? Many of the core issues that keep us from performing at our best are related to our diets and certain natural components that can make our body work for us and against us. Here’s a simple guide you can reference to help keep you pain free and performing at your best. It’s important to look at the way you eat as a preventive measure that doesn’t have instant results but instead offers long-term benefits. Imagine not getting sick, having more energy and performing optimally! That is what these nutrition hacks can help you with!
For Soreness If there’s one thing all circus artists deal with, it has to be muscle soreness. We are using our muscles constantly and while we may not be able to completely eradicate it, we can use nutrition hacks to significantly reduce it! Here are some heavy duty muscle soreness hacks that will allow you to train harder with less nuisance! Ginger Heat Premium Muscle Rub works with nature’s painkillers like curcumin and arnica along with anti-inflammatory ingredients like cinnamon and ginger to keep issues like shoulder and neck tightness at an all time low. Carry this with you and you’ll notice you won’t develop as many knots. Astaxanthin which is a rare and hard to find red marine algae protective agent will also greatly reduce soreness. You can get it from Ascend Living online in pure form or get the As...
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Shannon Yrizarry

Shannon Yrizarry is a writer, yoga teacher, theatre artist and circus arts advocate. Her passion is to help support a thriving community of inspired artists to keep the world dreaming and keep ideas alive. She is a hand balancer, grew up as a performing acrobat and trained in contortion. Her goal is to help people perform well and keep purpose, community and fun in the global circus community. Follow her journey on Instagram @shannonyrizarry.