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Stunning Circus, Clowns with Ruffs and Magical Comedy in Pick of the Night Shows

Garry Starr wants to save theatre.

In order to complete his mission, this clown in a Shakespearean ruff – and sometimes little else – takes us swiftly through every theatrical genre from melodrama, Pinter, Ibsen, Shakespeare and mask work to Cirque du Soleil in just one hour.

But his mission is really just an excuse for a playful, silly and smart piece of wild and gleeful clowning.

Performer Damien Warren-Smith uses his alter ego as a showcase for verbally and physically dextrous clowning, body comedy and the kind of perfect comic timing that can raise a laugh with just the slightest shift of facial expression.

One particular piece of grotesque body comedy made me laugh so hard my stomach ached.

This is one of the funniest shows at the festival.

If you want a stylish, slick and sexy combination of cabaret and circus, then LIMBO is the show for you.

This festival flagship, performed in a beautiful spiegeltent erected in central Christchurch, has a winning mix of stunning circus skills and incredible live music – all overseen by a wordless beat boxing ringmaster in a white suit…

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