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CircusTalk, the industry’s comprehensive online casting tool and community-driven social marketplace, belongs to all of us in the circus community.The more we each contribute, the more valuable this resource becomes.Besides providing you a space to create your profile and promote your personal or company’s professional activities, we also provide you an opportunity to share your expertise with the circus community via CircusTalk.News.

CircusTalk.News publishes articles of interest to the international circus community. Besides aggregating circus related content from around the world, CircusTalk.News publishes original (previously unpublished) work. We welcome submissions on relevant topics from outside contributors.



CircusTalk.News will consider submissions that are related to any aspect of the circus industry, including contemporary and traditional circus; professional, community, and fringe circus; youth and education programs, social circus; and circus history. For publication we will consider reported stories, essays, interviews, reviews, professional advice, previews, behind-the scenes, academic research summaries and obituaries.

Articles should be written in newspaper or magazine style. As our readership includes many non-native English speakers, it is important that all writing be clear, straightforward, and free of jargon.

All published articles will include the author’s and the photographer’s name. We encourage you to register on CircusTalk so we can link you or your organization’s member profile page. Linking articles to your member profile page will increase your visibility and help readers find out more about your projects and activities.

Submissions can be emailed to [email protected]. Please include at least one image (png or jpg format). More images, YouTube or Vimeo links are encouraged. Please limit your submissions to 1000 words! Authors of accepted articles for publication will be notified within 10 working days of submission.