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Swiss artist Daniele Finzi Pasca designs the 2019 Fête des Vignerons

Switzerland’s once-in-a-generation Fête des Vignerons opens on July 18 in the lakeside town of Vevey. Swiss director and choreographer Daniele Finzi Pasca designed the 2019 edition of the traditional winegrower’s festival. He promises to deliver a magical opening pageant in this interview with

In the opulent setting of the Grand Théâtre in Geneva, Finzi Pasca looks like an elf who has escaped from a children᾽s tale, with his trim figure, bright eyes, agile gait and lively gestures. The artist from Ticino is a wizard on the stage who can also juggle with words. His speech flows, interwoven with metaphors.

A much sought-after international artist who is always on the move, he is pressed for time. We are taking advantage of his visit to Geneva to interview him. His press officer warns us that we will have 15 minutes, and not a second more.

The task ahead of him is no small feat. The Fête des Vignerons takes place roughly every 20 years and is recognised by UNESCO on its list of intangible cultural heritage. It has grown from a simple pageant to an epic spectacle featuring thousands of participants…

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