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Sylvia Zerbini Has Always Done it Her Way

For many circus performers once they reach a certain level of technical expertise and professional success, their act becomes, as it were, set in stone and it neither develops nor changes for as long as the performer is able to physically meet the demands of his or her work.  One exception to this common practice is Sylvia Zerbini, who in almost all ways is unlike most circus artists.  “I have moved on with the times,” she says of her current work with horses.

Zerbini’s evolution is entirely in character for her.  She recalls even as a kid being something of a contrarian.  “I have always been the kind of person who questions everything.  I want to know why you’re supposed to do something in a particular way.  I was stubborn.  I would listen, but I always thought my way was better.”

Today, after a career in which she spent nine years with Ringling, starring in Barnum’s Kaleidoscape,the big show, and the Gold Unit,  and later a lengthy stint with Cavalia, the horse opera out of Canada, she rarely does circus anymore.  One of those rare occasions was with the most recent production of Circus Sarasota, where we caught up with her.  Since leaving Cavalia, two years prior to the end of a six year contract, her horses have evolved as well. They are now show horses rather than circus horses.


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