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Syrian Refugee Camp’s Circus School Spreads Confidence, Smiles, Hope

The school is helping displaced Syrian kids deal with the trauma of war.

When Mohammad “Abu Qasem” Qusam Ghouzlan arrived with his family at the Za’atari refugee camp in northern Jordan from his home of Syria, he thought he would be staying just a few days.

Two and a half years later, it turned out that was not the case, but Ghouzlan has found a creative outlet to help him and others keep busy and stay positive as they look ahead to their futures beyond their time living in what has been called the Middle East’s largest refugee camp.

Fascinated with the circus from a young age, Ghouzlan got involved as soon as he learned of a circus school being operated at the camp bythe Finnish nonprofit Sirkus Magenta as part of Finn Church Aid’s humanitarian work there. The camp was founded in 2013 and was featured this week as part of the United Nations’ World Humanitarian Day.

“It gives them hope of getting back and getting back to Syria,” Sirkus Magenta’s Topi Hurtig, told Yle, a Finnish news source, earlier this year, “and when they do, it will help them to rebuild their country.”

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