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The 3Rs with Matthew Jessner – Ep. 4: Three Decades of Commitment to Innovation with Boris Verkhovsky

“Freezing up is not an option.” … Not then. Not now. As part of our PRO Exclusive content, we introduce a new series hosted by Matthew Jessner called The 3 R’s, Review, Rethink, Regenerate. Matthew will draw upon his decades of experience in the performing arts world and the circus world in particular, inviting colleagues to discuss themes based around reviewing policies, rethinking paradigms and regenerating the performing arts industry. In Episode 4, for Matthew’s final episode of the 3R’s, he speaks to Boris Verkhovsky whose background in gymnastics led him to coach top athletes from around the world before he arrived in the circus world to become the head coach, and...

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Matthew Jessner

Matthew Jessner got his start in the performing arts as a classical dancer with several professional companies in the USA. His career took him to Europe whereby he also performed in musicals as both dancer and singer in multiple languages. His connection to circus arts began with the Cirque du Soleil show Saltimbanco of which he was resident artistic director for almost five years on tour in Europe and South America. Matthew has developed extensive and diverse experience in creative production and operating shows both touring and extravagant resident shows such as The House of Dancing Water with Dragone. His studies include music and lyric opera. When not directing, Matthew teaches Qigong in multiple styles.