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The Astronauts Won at the International Circus Festival of Albacete

The awards of the 11th edition of the International Circus Festival of Albacete were presented at a gala performance held at the Teatro Circo de Albacete on Tuesday, February 22nd.

The Hungarian group, The Astronauts, won the gold prize “Cirquijote de oro.“ The silver “Cirquijote de plata” went to the Ukrainian tightrope walker Victoriya Dziuba and the Taiwanese diabolo artist, Chu Chuan Ho, while the bronze “Cirquijote de bronce”was a triple-tie between Acrodreams from Spain and Poland, Dúo Caveagna from Italy and Los Tonitos from Spain.

The audience’s favorite act was Acrodreams.

Congratulations to the winners!

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