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The Benefits of Owning a Domain Name as a Circus Artist

A domain name is an address which directs you to a specific location on the internet. It can be a website, an email, the location of a document to download, etc.  Look at it this way; if your website was a house, then your domain name would be its address.
As an circus artist or circus-related business, owning a domain name is not only the best way to start developing your online presence and identity, but also the most coherent and reliable approach to manage your professional contacts. The reason is very simple; no matter your email addresses or providers, your social media profiles, phone numbers or even physical address, your domain name doesn’t have to change and can be connected to any of them. This means that even if you move to another country, get a new mobile number or your favorite email provider ceases; Anyone you shared your domain name with (and/or email branded with your domain name), will be able to continue communicating with you (and you with them), as if nothing has changed. What can you do with a domain name? 1. Connecting your domai...
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Ghislain Malardier

Former Russian Swing circus artist, Ghislain developed a passion for other art forms such as dance, acting and show conception/choreography while studying at the National Center of Circus Art in France. Along his professional journey with Philippe Decouflé (DCA company) in France, Les Ballets Ballet C de la B in Belgium and the Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, he discovered and developed other skills such as photography, videography, and finally Web Design. Ghislain is now the founder of Aïkigi Web, a company dedicated to assist artists in the development of their online identities.