The Circus Cinematic Universe -- What It Is, and How It Will Advance the Circus Industry

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The Circus Cinematic Universe — What It Is, and How It Will Advance the Circus Industry

Extra! Extra! Step right up to see the first festival of its kind, a spectacle that has become a place where circus artists, crew, and filmmakers of all ages and backgrounds can be celebrated and network together. Behold! The Circus International Film Festival.
But first, we have to ask, how did we get here in the first place? Nothing will ever replace that special connection created between a performer and an audience, and the pandemic has proven that. Stuck inside our homes, we struggled to maintain that ability to inspire and evoke emotion. Unlike other career paths, the Arts Industry depends so much on live interaction. Throughout the pandemic it suffered tremendously as we saw entire shows close, theaters boarded up, and hundreds of thousands out of a job, not knowing what to do. With the rise of social media giants like Facebook and Tik Tok, as well as major streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, it felt like the world turned digital overnight. The only place we could go was online, but where does a live entertainment industry like the circus fit into that world? Enter the “Circus Cinematic Universe,” something that has been around for a while, but never really had the spotlight. For years we’ve seen...
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Circus International Film Festival

Circus International Film Festival started in 2021, born out of a worldwide pandemic and a hunger for creative expression​. Our founder, a filmmaker and circus artist, realized the need for a film festival dedicated to circus, after years of submitting my circus films to film festivals under the Music Video, Dance, or Experimental categories. CIFF exists for circus artists and filmmakers alike. We are here to support and honor bringing the art of circus to the medium of film.