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The Circus Raluy Legacy Joins the Production of Masks from Reus

The Raluy Legacy Circus joins, as other groups in the territory have done, in solidarity, the manufacturing of sanitary masks to protect themselves from possible coronavirus infections. They started preparing a few units for the protection of the circus team itself and the option of continuing with the preparation was considered, with the aim of being able to help more people who needed it.

“When we came up with it, we didn’t doubt it for a moment. In addition, we have much more free time and, apart from rehearsing our numbers, we have coordinated a few people to carry out the task two or three times a week ,” says Niedziela Raluy, one of the circus artists, as he describes the initiative.

To put the entire infrastructure into operation, they have set up a modest makeshift workshop in the main tent, where they precisely performed their usual performances and shows for the public. There, in the light of the colored lights, a team of five people congregates with four sewing machines. “We take advantage of this area to work together, it is a place where we have enough space. We put on some music and chat as we sew and power the machine. It’s entertaining,” he adds.

Learning isn’t Necessary

Sewing is a task already internalized by most circus staff: be it an arrangement or the creation of a piece of track costumes, circus professionals take it with ease. “We deal well with the needle. In my case, I have learned to use the sewing machine. It is not as complex as I thought. The question is to speed up the work,” says Raluy. In addition to the people who work with the sewing machines, there is also the one who is dedicated to finish the matter, adding the elastics to the two ends of the mask. This task is done by hand.

The Distribution

Once the manufactured units are finished, which have already passed 300 and rising, they are delivered to the needy group. For this, the circus collective, settled since the middle of last month in the Parc Sant Jordi de Reus, has coordinated with the city council: thus, this is the one that acts as a distribution entity for the material.

In this sense, the Circus Raluy Legacy are very grateful to the consistory for the facilities offered in the current crisis circumstances. They let us stay here until the confinement is lifted. Otherwise, it would have been very complex to have to move with all the caravans and others. Our intention is to resume the actions in Reus when the confinement passes,” he acknowledges.

At the moment, they try to carry as much normality as possible in their daily routines. They maintain strict planning in which they practice the different shows of the season and face the moments lived with positivism. “We saw a duty towards society to make masks, especially for the elderly. Other companies in the area did so. Why not us? We had the space and the means. We suffer a lot for the most vulnerable, we can only help them,”says Raluy.

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