Circus World Lost a Bright Star: Nakotah Lomasohu LaRance

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The Circus World Lost a Bright Star This Week with the Passing of Nakotah Lomasohu LaRance

He left us too early as he was a few weeks shy of turning 31. Nakotah Lomasohu LaRance was a world-famous Native American Hoop Dancer and was featured in Cirque du Soleil’s touring production Totem with his spellbinding dance which combined athleticism and manipulation using 5 hoops to create different shapes in which he would pay tribute to his Native culture and it’s  connection to the natural world.
His dance was spellbinding and you felt his ancestors were proudly looking over his performance and thanking him for keeping their traditions alive. His Father, Steve LaRance, said “He would make people forget their sorrows, and bring both smiles and tears of joy with the magic of his dance.” It’s no surprise that Nakotah was a nine-time world champion Native American hoop dancer. His time at Cirque du Soleil introduced him to new ideas and he later incorporated juggling and manipulation skills into his dance. He also enjoyed performing modern routines using Native American Hip Hop music. One of Nakotah’s greatest joys was passing on his skills to the next generation of dancers. His father Steve said, “He guided each child to find the beat of their own life path and the pride of their native culture.” Nakotah was featured in major production shows around the globe as well as acting in films, music videos, and modeling. His family ...
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