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The Cirque Dreams Of Vegas For This Summer

When the pandemic struck, in March 2020, Cirque du Soleil had to close in the space of a few days its 44 productions which were active all over the planet. This crisis cost the company more than a billion dollars in revenue. A few months after the takeover of Cirque by its creditors, The newspaper spoke with the CEO of the company, Daniel Lamarre, on the possible revival of activities and the challenges that the post-pandemic world will pose.

How did you experience the arrival of the pandemic last year?

“It was a very difficult experience. At the same time, the only positive thing that came out of that for us was seeing the strength of Cirque du Soleil’s reputation around the world. You are talking about a company that has had virtually no income since last March and which will still have very little before the end of this year. And despite all that, there are people who came forward to support us and ensure the survival of the company. For me, it’s a great relief to have that mark of confidence there…”

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