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The Importance of Nondisclosure Agreements

Nondisclosure agreements are the essential ingredient to protecting your work as an artist. Before you have any discussion about creating, licensing, designing, or selling a body of work you must let the other party know the information you are sharing is confidential.


“Isn’t a verbal agreement enough?”

“Doesn’t everyone know that the work I am sharing is mine?”

“I have a copyright filed, they can’t share it.”

Make no assumptions. How many times have you heard, “she stole my work”? You must take every step to safeguard your work product. People use images of artists’ work found on Instagram and websites without giving proper credit to the artist all the time. When you make a nondisclosure agreement part of every business negotiation you enter, you protect your work from being used without your permission and you protect your financial interest in your work…

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