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The Juggling Wizardry Of St. Jules

There’s an ease that permeates from Réjean St. Jules. A kind of seasoned effortlessness that very few achieve in their respective fields. His juggling talent has made him a stable in Las Vegas, Nevada where he has appeared in a slew of productions in most of the lavish casinos. Internationally, he is equally revered,  with appearances in Paris, Düsseldorf, and Monte-Carlo among others. Yet, for this second-generation circus artist, his foray into the circus business was hardly as smooth and precise as his renowned act. “Circus was forced on us,” he says.
St. Jules’s father established himself as a hand-balancer, working with the likes of Tommy Hanneford. “He wanted us to be in the business,” says St. Jules. “It wasn’t a fit for my sister and when she was old enough she left the business,” he says.  “I took to it. I liked the attention,” he says with a smile. Like his father, hand-balancing became his trade, but not necessarily his passion. “I thought it required too many props,” he says. As fate would have it, the then 9-year-old St. Jules became enamored with a juggler who was billed along with his family.  “He’d come in with a tuxedo, his suitcase of props and was done,” he says. “I thought, ‘Well, that’s what I want to do.” Réjean and his family performed three seasons with that juggler who would instruct Réjean on the fundamentals of the trade that would pave the way for his entire career. “We worked in night cl...
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