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The Nock-out: What Are the Real Reasons for Leaving the Oldest Circus in Switzerland?

Circus Nock could have been saved, says a former board member. Not true, says the family. What are the real reasons for leaving the oldest circus in Switzerland? We met the two Nock sisters.

Proud lettering in red decorates the white cars. They are standing in the square in the rural Aargauer Fricktal. Even the street in Oeschgen, where the Nock circus has its winter quarters, is named after them: the Circusstrasse. The area is surrounded by green fields, next to it stands a stately house with a big roof. The house can accommodate three generations; Franz, 82, and Verena, 74, have their flat here, and their two daughters Franziska, 43, and Alexandra, 41, the last two Nock directors with their families as well.

Franziska and Alexandra Nock leave the house. Together they have led the fortunes of the circus Nock in the seventh generation. They have agreed to speak with the “Swiss Weekend” as the first medium about the end of their business. Their conditions: The public should not know how they make a living now, and what they say they want to have said together. Here is the exclusive interview with the Nock sisters…

Read the Full Interview in German at Luzerner Zeitung

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