The Nomadic Immune System - Two Types of Circus Mobility Alternatives: Solutions from Taiwan

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The Nomadic Immune System – Two Types of Circus Mobility Alternatives: Solutions from Taiwan

Being nomadic is part of the nature of the circus. Yet the era of the epidemic has exiled artistic and cultural workers who have interacted closely with institutions, venues and market mechanisms, throwing creatives squarely back into their very local lives. 
Two kinds of actions emerged from these global events in Taiwan. One is the return of circus workers to the places where their skills originated, to rediscover connections and their relationship with everyday society. The second is to use the digital tools that have flourished with the epidemic to give circus, which is completely outside of daily physical techniques of the average person, a virtual body, and to debate this aesthetic boundary between the real and the virtual. Both of these actions seem to respond to the characteristics and strengths of the circus nomads: people roving the realm, or wandering into digital space.  The Nomad of Circus and the Return to the People  How to “return to the people and society” has always been one of the topics of Taiwanese performing arts. This contradictory and confusing topic ( Is art so far from society?) shows that the concept a...
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Tai-Jung Yu

Tai-Jung Yu majored in Theatre Theory in Department of Theatre Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts. Yu is currently the International Affairs Manager and Resident Dramaturge of Formosa Circus Art (FOCA). He’s the current Deputy Managing Director of International Association of Theatre Critics, Taiwan Branch, and the chief editor of “Du Ma Xi”, a seasonal Taiwan circus media. With the rising of the circus community in Asian countries, Yu represents FOCA as founding committee of Circus Asia Network (CAN). He curated the first ever contemporary circus forum in Taiwan in 2018. The second edition “2019 Taiwan International Circus Forum” was held in collaboration between FOCA and National Kaohsiung Centre for the Arts-Weiwuying.