The Pivot: Episode 3 - Can’t Stop an Artist From Being an Artist with No Stage No Problem

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The Pivot: Episode 3 – Can’t Stop an Artist From Being an Artist with No Stage No Problem

The Pivot is an interview series created to highlight those in our industry who have learned to pivot and find a new way forward during the unique challenges caused by the 2020 pandemic. In each episode, Andy Buchanan & Laura-Ann Chong adhere to the advice and share stories from guests in hopes that The Pivot may inspire you and hopefully shine some light on your new normal. Projet LUMIÈRE Project is pleased to partner with CircusTalk for this five-part series.
Their name says it all. We sat down with a trailblazing group formerly touring with Cirque du Soleil who realized that performing as we knew it might take a while to return – and found a solution. The members of No Stage No Problem were the first to preserve live entertainment throughout the early days of the pandemic when in April 2020 they created an internationally streamed performing arts show that gave artists the chance to perform again, while contributing to their global community. Circus artists, dancers and musicians around the globe streamed two shows from their backyards, kitchens and national parks accumulating over 2,500 views and raising over $3,500 to donate to organizations for social causes. Find out how they came up with the initiative to adapt to a virtual experience and what they learned ...
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Projet LUMIÈRE Project is an initiative that began in July 2020 that aims to connect performing arts professionals to reduce feelings of isolation, facilitate exchanges by sharing information among peers and industry professionals, as well as support and guide members of the community by providing access to resources and opportunities.