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The Quebec 4

As spring begins its slow, sporadic thaw, we find ourselves thinking of the crisp early autumn days when Midnight Circus in the Parks is touring Chicago neighborhoods. This year, the Little Big Top was graced with a talented quartet of acrobats we call the Quebec 4.

  • Willem McGowan – Diabolo and Juggler from Oak Park, Illinois
  • Adam Strom – Acrobat from Brisbane, Australia
  • Owen Winship – Porter and Acrobat from Victor, Idaho
  • Meghane Poulette – Flyer from Bordeaux, France

During the 2017 tour, our Director of Development, Julie Dickinson, sat down with the Quebec 4 to get some real talk about circus. Topics include: why the circus can be a male-dominated industry, the best schools to study hand-to-hand acrobatics, the most lively juggling competition, and what they do when they’re not touring with the little big top, and why they find Chicago to be so special.


Link to Full Article at Midnight Circus