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The Spectacular Tale of a Stranded Circus—and its Great Escape from Honduras

Eduardo Segovia was eating at a restaurant in a small coastal town in Guatemala when he met Telma Nineth Segura Coronada. He thought she moved like an angel. He told her so, and invited her to leave her waitressing job and join his traveling show, the Segovia Brothers Circus. She knew instantly that it was her destiny. She was only 18 that day in the late 1980s, but she wanted more from life than working and dying in Puerto San José. Her parents weren’t so sure. She left anyway.

Telma became a dancer, drawing gasps and laughs on the floor under the big top. She gave birth to a daughter Lilian, who grew up to be a hula hoop dancer with a son of her own. Three decades since that day she met Eduardo, his son, Alejandro Segovia, now leads the circus. Telma retired from the stage to sell concessions, and she’s never regretted leaving home.

“I believe there is such a thing as circus blood. You have to be indomitable; you have to yearn for liberty,” Telma says. “And that’s what the circus is: liberty…”

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