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NoFit State Invites You to a Circus (un)Convention in Newcastle-under-Lyme

To set the tone, I have some provocations that I hope will stimulate the debate. To be overtly controversial I want to ask:
ener">Circus250 provides an ideal context and framework for us as a sector to come together to meet, to play, to discuss and debate here in the Circus Village in Newcastle-under-Lyme, the birthplace of Philip Astley – the man who created the first circus 250 years ago this year. The convention will be about workshops, training, meeting like-minded people and exploring ideas in the spirit of playfulness and misbehaving. At NoFit State, we believe that the circus performer is so much more interesting if they bring onstage their doubts, fears, sensuality and vulnerability. Technical excellence is not enough to engage an audience alone; without a level of humanity and contact with the audience, why should they care? I believe that everybody whatever skills they do at whatever level will benefit and enjoy a few days of classic performance technique and the opportunity to wor...
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