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They Do Circus and Acrobatics so They Can Work

Representatives of more than 70 Mexican circus companies gathered in front of Palacio Nacional in order to demand that their tents be reopened. After five months without working, the protesters gathered and performed their acts, showing their dissent for their industry remaining shut down.

The commercial directer of Barley Circus, Izaic Vertti, traveled from Chihuahua, Mexico to participate in the protest. According to Vertti, the protest was planned about two weeks prior with the goal of getting the government to take notice of the performance industry in this time of need.

Clowns, jugglers, tightrope walkers, managers, and more joined forces to obtain 189 artist signatures at the end of the demonstration. Artists and other staff are the people who depend on the circus industry; these people have been surviving on savings. Vertti reports that they have received no support from the government, although the Government Secretariat maintains that they have been communication with the circuses.

“The government has not supported them as a business nor as unemployed people,” Vertti assures.

In the case of the Barley Circus, there are about 215 employees.

In the past, the circuses have also battled challenges such as AH1N1 and the ban of animals. In response to this, the circus has requested the Chamber of Deputies to make circus a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. There has been no response to this initiative.

“We don’t want them to support us with handouts, what we’re asking for is that they let us work, we have all the methods, we’ve prepared, we made an admission plan and a simulation, but even so they told us no,” said Isaac Vertti.

After more than four hours of circus and acrobatics, they were seen by a representative of the legislature at 10:30 AM. They submitted the petition and are waiting for a response within the next three days.

“We know that we are not a necessary priority, but for example here in Mexico City there will be a car event at the CDMX Arena and we do not understand why those events are allowed, and we are not even allowed to work with cars,” Vertti stated.

Source: Yahoo! Noticias

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