Training & Culture--Ethiopia's Circus Center Aims to Provide

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Training, Employment & Culture–Ethiopia’s New Circus Center Aims to Provide It All

In Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, plans to develop a new circus center are underway and the organizers are reaching out to the world circus community to share their vision and to ask for support through their launch event. In an announcement on Facebook, Circus Center Addis Ababa board member, Antonella Casella, shared information regarding the Zoom launch for the fundraising campaign for the center which will take place this Thursday, Oct 22.
In attendance to explain more about the project will be Mike Finch, Brukty Tigabu (Chair of Social Enterprise Ethiopia), Wintana Gmaskel (Circus Artist from the award-winning Trilogy, Ethiopia), Anni Davey (Artistic Director, The Flying Fruitfly Circus), Zsuzsanna Mata (Executive Director of the Federation Mondiale de Cirque and Founding Director of the Global Alliance of Circus Schools),  and last but not least, the Founding Director herself, Sosina Wogayehu (Circus Center, Ethiopia.) There will be a Q&A with panelists as well as video messages from Johnathan Lee Iverson (Ringmaster), ...
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