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Tweedy’s Lost and Found Review – Giffords Clown Bursts into your Lounge

f you’ve spent a few days juggling homeschooling with work then your lounge may already look like a circus. So why not invite a real clown in? Among the many theatre live-streams prompted by the coronavirus outbreak is this new children’s show from Tweedy, whose day job clowning with Giffords Circus is on hold, along with the latter’s postponed show The Hooley. It’s presented by Cirencester’s Barn theatre, an unsubsidised charity that is appealing for donations as it estimates it will lose more than £250,000 over the coming months, which could close the theatre permanently.

My 10-year-old daughter, Aggie, thinks clowns are creepy but her six-year-old sister Hilda persuades her to join us, so we all crowd around the computer for the 20-minute performance (sorry girls – no interval ice-cream). Tweedy turns up in bowler hat, baggy grey suit and oversized shoes, with a red tie and lurid patch of hair the only loud colours. Why so drab? Because Tweedy’s working in a lost and found office. But, being a clown, he’s not used to life behind a desk, which is why he’s soon doing a forward roll on top of it and getting tangled with the telephone. “Clowns have to be very fit,” decides Aggie, who has yet to watch Joe Wicks online…

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