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Unexpectedly Unemployed Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic: Ringmaster Kevin Venardos

Kevin Venardos is a dreamer.

It’s big dreams that led him to try out for an unconventional job after college: circus ringmaster. It’s those same dreams that took him all over the country leading that circus after he nailed the audition. And it’s dreaming that led to him launching his own live show, Venardos Circus, in 2013.

“The cool thing about making dreams is actually making them come true,” Kevin Venardos said with a laugh.

He started small. Just one man and one tent at one county fair.

“We’ve always been the little circus that could,” he said, touting the circus’ humble beginnings.

Things have grown up a bit since then. He planned to travel across the country this year, holding dozens of shows in nearly 30 cities.

That is, until coronavirus grounded the troupe in Texas and put the dream on hold, leaving Venardos and his circus performers unemployed.

“I told everyone, ‘We’ve got to go home.’ I did the best I could to take care of everybody,” he remembered about the days leading up to stay-at-home orders sweeping across the nation…

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