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Urgent Concerns– Panel Talk: Circus Schools Respond to COVID-19

During this discussion with our panelists, we ask important questions about the impact on the physical, mental and economic health of circus school students and educators as well as the long term plans and prospects of circus education. We do not have all of the answers, but by facilitating an open discussion, we hope to help the circus world to unite and act during a difficult time. The guest panelists are from diverse backgrounds, and regions in circus education:

Tim Roberts, Director of École de Cirque de Québec located in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada Shana Kennedy, Director of Circadium and Philadelphia School of Circus Arts Donald Lehn, Director of Escuela de Circo Carampa in Madrid, Spain ...

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Kim Campbell

Kim Campbell is the chief content officer of CircusTalk and the editor-in-chief of CircusTalk News. They have written about circus for Spectacle magazine, Circus Now, Circus Promoters and were a resident for Circus Stories, Le Cirque Vu Par with En Piste in 2015 at the Montreal Completement Cirque Festival. They are the former editor of American Circus Educators magazine, as well as a staff writer for the web publication Third Coast Review, where they write about circus, theatre, arts and culture. Kim is a member of the American Theater Critics Association. In 2019 as the editor for CircusTalk News, Kim was on the jury at el Festival Iberoamericano de Circo (FIRCO) and presented the first CircusTalk Critic's Choice Award. In 2021, Kim was on the voting committee for the International Circus Awards.