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Ventriloquist Kevin Huesca Talks About ‘Extravaganza’ Experience

Ventriloquist Kevin Huesca chatted with Digital Journal about being a part of the “Extravaganza” production at the Jubilee Theater at Bally’s Las Vegas. While the show is currently on hold, he took some time to talk about the production.

Regarding his experience on Extravaganza — The Vegas Spectacular, he said, “It was amazing when we started a couple of weeks ago. To have the opportunity to start with a new show in incredible Las Vegas was an amazing experience.”
In 2015, while on a tour with the Circus Medrano Casartelli, he designed and created his comic eccentric character “Romeo” enclosing all his technical and artistic baggage accumulated over years of practicing stage experience and tutorials. The specialization of his character “Romeo” took place thanks to an advanced course on clowning and “Commedia dell’Arte” with the great clown, Leris Colombaioni. “Romeo is a type of Italian Latin lover. He’s a comedian and a ventriloquist. He likes to dance and sing,” he said. “I come from a fourth-generation circus family. I was an acrobat and a juggler. Many years ago, I decided to create an act that encompassed everything that I learned from my father and grandfather. That’s how Romeo was born…”

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